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Simple ways to support your health and restore balance

  • Are you looking to manage stress and anxiety?

  • Do you find it difficult to focus and see things in perspective?

  • Is it hard for you to relax and quieten your mind?

  • Do you struggle with negative thinking or low self-esteem?

  • Are you always putting yourself under pressure?

  • Do you suffer from overwhelm, exhaustion, insomnia, depression or pain?

In these uncertain, ever-changing times, each of us is likely to experience some form of chronic, stress-related condition. Mind-body awareness and mindfulness meditation offer natural, powerful ways to restore balance and support your health and wellbeing generally.


An approach that respects you as an individual

Everyone has different and unique needs. Rather than subscribing to ‘one size fits all’, Linda’s secular approach is a synthesis of meditation practices and contemporary psychology, incorporating her own empathy and understanding of what it’s like to have stress and anxiety and struggle with negative thinking, low self-esteem and insomnia. Her down-to-earth, insightful teaching shows how we all have the power, whatever our situation, to re-gain a sense of equilibrium and peace of mind.


Self-help skills that are easy to use in everyday life

Drawing inspiration from her own experience some years ago of being chronically ill for almost a decade and having worked extensively with people who have ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, Linda has developed simple yet powerful ways to calm the nervous system and encourage positive well-being. Linda combines mind/body awareness with easy relaxation and meditation techniques that can be applied in day-to-day living for lasting and meaningful change. London

To book onto a meditation course, a London or online meditation group, or enquire about one-to-one meditation sessions, head to sessions. london meditation. learn to meditate.

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Meditation Courses (London/Online)

Meditation Groups (London/Online)

ME/CFS Courses (Telephone)

One-to-One (London/Skype)

Audio Programmes

Protect Your Body from Daily Stress

Support Programme for Chronic Illness

Beginner Meditation Course

Meditations For Personal Development 


Taster meditation sessions for beginner and experienced meditators alike

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“I think you have an amazing gift and I’m deeply grateful for your work”
Dan Mulhern, Professor, Berkeley University California
Leadership expert and best-selling author

“Linda has a wonderful empathy for the whole human condition”

Ginny Burrows, Buckinghamshire

“Refreshingly, Linda Hall totally gets my problem. I leave Hall with a spring in my step. I arrive at the office, feeling renewed and fresh, instead of chaotic and rushed. Generally, I feel my shoulders lower and my stress levels drop. I’m getting greater enjoyment out of everything.”

Molly Gunn, Stop with The Multitasking!
Featured in Red Magazine

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