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  • Protect Your Body from Daily Stress
    Learn how to relax deeply and restore inner calm


  • Beginners Meditation Course
    Learn how to meditate in eight easy steps


  • Support Programme for ME/Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia
    Learn how to manage symptoms and support recovery


  • Meditations For Personal Development
    Guided meditations for self-growth, insight and relaxation



  • Inner Wellbeing
    Mindfulness for stress management and inner wellbeing



  • Sleep Well
    Deep relaxation techniques for sleep with binaural music.

For a full selection of Linda’s audio work visit:

Audio Meditation Programmes

Guided meditations for deep relaxation, stress management and self-growth, meditation courses and sleep inducers.


Linda Hall’s guided meditations help thousands of people worldwide to reach deep states of inner calm and wellbeing. Linda’s natural warmth and integrity as a teacher, combined with her genuine belief in the power we all naturally possess for positive change, shines through in her audio work.  


Linda’s guided meditations appeal to the young and old, beginner and advanced. Her lovely voice has a musicality that is naturally soothing and easy on the ear.


Care is taken to ensure the balance of vocals and music does not distract or overwhelm the listener. These audios are particularly suitable for people who are sound sensitive, and for those needing to manage anxiety, stress, discomfort, pain or chronic illness.

“You make meditation seem very natural, comfortable and easy.”

Gina Langridge Surrey

 “You have a real gift for getting right down to the core of relaxation.”
Rosanne Carwardine

Most of my clients have trauma and anxiety and some have chronic pain. I have been referring many of them to your meditations. You are a gifted healer.”

Radhe Lesny, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Psychotherapist, US

“Exceptional, and different to anything else on the market”
Kerrie Bona, Chid Therapist Australia

“Your guided meditations have made a huge difference in my life!”
Katherine Doud Kalamazoo, US

“I have listened to many other meditation CDs but I always come back to Linda's." 

Tania Alexander, Health Journalist

"Absolutely brilliant - I did the lovely smile meditation today and I'm still smiling!"

Jacqui Theda

linda hall meditation london
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