Sleep Well: Meditation for Sleep

With Binaural Tones

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Overall playing time: 75 minutes


**Suitable for all levels, beginners & advanced

Fall asleep easily with natural sleep aids


This powerful sleep audio shows you how to fall asleep using natural sleep aids. Meditation for sleep is a proven way to help with chronic sleep problems, and gently teaches you how to sleep better.


Do you regularly suffer from sleeping problems, or sometimes have difficulty sleeping? Sleep deprivation is no joke, most of us experience it at some time or other, usually when we are going through some form of stress – it’s as if we forget how to fall asleep.  Chronic insomnia is an increasingly common health issue and its effect on mental health and well-being should never be underestimated. Good, recuperative sleep is nature’s way of repairing and helps to maintain healthy immune function. Sleep meditation trains the body and mind how to fall asleep naturally.


Sleep Well uses natural, progressive relaxation techniques, hypnotic suggestion and state of the art music brainwave entrainment with binaural tones to induce the delta deep sleep state. The composer of the beautiful and soothing music, Dr Christopher Lloyd Clarke, applies the scientific principles of psychoacoustics and music psychology to promote well-being and relaxation.

Please note that brainwave entrainment music requires the use of headphones, so that each ear receives a specific frequency. You can listen through regular speakers but the binaural tones will not be as effective.


Track 1
Preparing for Sleep
(25 mins)

Track 2

Settling into Sleep
(27 mins)

Track 3

Sleep Well
(21 mins)

Music – “Letting Go” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

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