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Meditation for Beginners

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Overall playing time: 3 hours

**Suitable for beginners

Learn how to meditate from the comfort of your own home

A contemporary approach using mindfulness meditation techniques, mind/body awareness and positive thinking to manage everyday stress, support personal development and increase well-being.

Easy-to-follow steps

This straight-forward audio meditation course by Linda Hall teaches you how to meditate in eight easy-to-follow steps and is ideal for beginners. Each short session is a combination of simple theory, clear meditation instruction and day-to-day awareness practice. Linda’s down-to-earth, secular approach makes learning to meditate easy, enjoyable and interesting.

Tried and tested ways to manage everyday stress

A unique feature of this meditation course is that it puts meditation firmly in the context of everyday living. It teaches you how to incorporate meditation techniques into your daily life as a set of simple yet powerful self-help tools that can be used anywhere, anytime, providing tried and tested ways to manage stress levels and feel more balanced and at peace.


Gain invaluable life  skills

With Linda’s steady guidance you’ll learn how to ground and centre yourself, calm the busy mind, release stress, relax and restore your energies.  At the end of the course you will have gained a set of invaluable skills for life. 

meditation for beginners london

Track Listings

Linda introduces the course

(9 min 26 sec)

Step 1: Approach and Attitude
How to get started 
(13 min 16 sec)

Step 2: Grounding
How to ground yourself

(13 min 32 sec)

Step 3: Resting and Releasing
How to release stress
(15 min)

Step 4: Letting Go of Distractions

How to centre yourself
(18 min)


Step 5: Being in the Here and Now

How to be present in the ‘here and now’

(13 min 22 sec)

Step 6: Softening the Breath
(28 min 38 sec)


Step 7: The Wise Witness
Developing mindfulness
(13 min 31 sec)


Step 8: Softening The Heart
Developing self-compassion
(22 min 7 sec)


Step 9: Putting It All Together

A review of what you’ve learned.

(57 min 28 sec)

Music: ‘Time and Reflection’ by Bjorn Lynne; ‘A Journey Within’ by Bjorn Lynne. Lynne Publishing by courtesy of

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