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Meditation for Inner Wellbeing

Develop your core sense of wellbeing

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Overall playing time: 70 minutes


**Suitable for all levels, beginners & advanced

Combining mindfulness with self-compassion


Three powerful guided meditations by Linda Hall combining mindfulness practice and self-compassion to manage anxiety, negative thinking and self-criticism and increase inner wellbeing. Inner Wellbeing shows you how to stop anxiety thinking patterns, manage physical discomfort and emotions and be less self-critical.


Develop core inner wellbeing


In order to deal with the increasing demands of everyday stress, it’s important to develop a core sense of inner wellbeing. Awareness and self-compassion are the building blocks to be able to do this. Learning to practice mindfulness and being kinder to ourselves, decreases our stress load, opens up opportunities and allows us to lead more satisfying, happy and fulfilling lives.

Awareness gives us choices. Becoming aware of what’s blocking our ability to feel good in ourselves and about our life enables us to make conscious, positive choices that empower us. These meditations will teach you how to build and maintain a healthy base-line for wellbeing through mindfulness and self-compassion.

Meditation for Inner Wellbeing

Track Listing

Track 1

(02:16 mins)

Track 2
Managing Thought Patterns

(18:19 mins)

Track 3
Being with Feelings and Sensations

(23:22 mins)

Track 4
Healing the Inner Critic

(25:58 mins)

Music – “Silent Waves & Soul Calm” by Silencio
Music Licensed by

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