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Meditation Classes in London
& Online Meditation Courses

Learn how to use meditation skills in everyday living to support your health and well-being


Linda Hall offers meditation courses in North London and online, teaching mind/body awareness, mindfulness and stress management. The groups are small and friendly, combining theory and discussion with meditation practice and are suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike. The teaching is down-to-earth, practical and secular.

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7 Session Meditation Course

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  • The mind/body connection in health and well-being

  • Mindfulness and the power of the present

  • Calming the autonomic nervous system

  • Slowing the overactive mind

  • Managing stress and anxiety

  • Grounding the body and mind

  • Centring for inner balance

  • Breathing techniques to relax and re-energise

  • Managing emotions and physical discomfort or pain

  • Managing negative thinking and self-criticism

  • Developing self-compassion, building self-esteem

  • Positive thinking and affirmations

  • Working with the chakras

  • Incorporating meditation skills into everyday life

Working manual, session notes and videos provided.

Online Meditation Courses

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“I found this course hugely beneficial to me. I was surprised how much I learnt has influenced and improved my living from day to day in ways I didn't expect. I would totally recommend it to anyone who feels they need to learn relaxation tools and techniques for everyday living.” 
Alexandra Dedman, London

“Linda's techniques and teachings were exactly what I was looking for: a friendly, accessible no-nonsense approach to tackling some of the stresses of modern life and finding inner-peace.”
Paul Cunliffe 

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this thoughtful and straightforward practice-based approach to mind-body awareness. It has been transformative for me as I have integrated the techniques into my daily life. I feel calmer, more open-minded and more grounded. I would urge everyone to give it a go!"  
Lee, Solicitor, London

 “Linda’s meditation course formed a core element of my recovery from a serious depression.”
Jane Law, London

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